First day of trying to get sober

Damn it! They say when you realease something and talk about it, then whatever it is no longer has a hold of you! It’s really hard to accept something like this because you have to be the one to let go. Damn it again! Change is hard. You have to be stronger than the pain that you think your going through. You know thats really lame. The feeling of having to sober up is so undiscribable. You think you have it when you know you don’t. The earning is so great! Yes, to be sober ! Please! When we all know that getting sober is so hard yet so easy. Just make the decision to be sober. WHAT! You may say. I know I say that. Except I say WHAT THE F! I know I can be sober. Try this, AA, not really, go buy some potassium, and calcium, because the bones are hurting, the brain is hurting, everything is hurting! Don’t have your kids, yest go the extra mile for everyone else. How stupid does that sound. So Lame. Do this do that? However what is this and that? Drinking, indulging in everything except for indulging in your destiny or the life that was made for you! Why, what is the point? When you actually think about it, there really is no point, the point would be that you dont like yourself, and even tho you say you may love yourself you truly dont!
This could cause a bit of a callenage in staying sober. Damn it again. Oh shoot, reality starts to set in. UT oh. Do you feel like your in trouble trying to stay sober, or even make that step. It’s a hard reality especially when your truly trying. However what makes it ok, nothing is okay when you. Drink or use drugs! I haven’t used drugs in awhile now, last experience was horrible will never use again. Ever try sobering up in a liquor store know in that your an alcoholic! Really isnt fun however you have enough dicipline not to drink at work. Which as been super hard however I have accomplished that just not the self dicipline not to drink after work or even before. So Lame! It’s really disgusting knowing that I have so many talents and just wasting away in what they call alcohol. Have you ever felt this way? How do you truly change it? Make a decision to stop. Damn it so lame.

There is no poInt, the point is that you dont love yourself! All so meaningless.

Melissa Giles.

Church is so powerful

Ephisians 2:8-10God saved you be his grace when you believed. And you cant take credit for this because it is a gift from God!SALVATION, is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it. For we are God’s master piece. He has renewed us in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things that he planned for us long ago.

God, our father in heaven has us. It doesn’t mean anything to him of what we have been through. What he does want in our lives is peace, serenity, and love. The father in heaven is so powerful when we accept him, when we choose to be loved by his grace.

There are so many people out there that either dont believe in him or dont think they are worthy of his Grace his love his understanding, the joy he wants to give. We are made for a purpose, and rather you believe it or not you are made for a purpose, a new life, and that is within Jesus.

YOu know I have been taught a knew life, of understanding and unconditional through the father in heaven. I wouldn’t give anything in my life before the unconditional love that I have found in the Lord. Or wait he found me, he made me. He is the most Loving God, Father, Lord whatever your preference is. He is amazing and seeks your and i out even when we dont want it. 

Today in church it was so amazing. I have been church hopping for a a couple of months. I believe I have finally found a church that I can make my own.

The passage above speaks loud and clear. We all are of Jesus Christ, we are all of God. He is three in one. God, the father, the holy spiritual and Jesus. He has a purpose for all of us. His purpose is that we find him through Jesus. I know that sounds cliche, however it is true.  The best way to get to the father is through Jesus, once you know Jesus then you can make your way to Our father in Heaven Personally. Why do I say that? I say that because when you  are spiritually week, being dividing between religions, atheists or any doubt, that’s when you use Jesus. 

The father in heaven is everywhere, its the belief that holds in your heart that will give you that connection. Love the father in heaven, show him your gratefulness, show him your faith, love unconditionally, forgive yourself , as The father in Heaven has forgiven you and loves you unconditionally. Then in time you can have connection to all three, at one time.

When you have all three the puzzle begins to place, all the middle pieces fall into place. Your life becomes a life of not only enternity however destiny. That’s what we all want. You are all perfect! 
Love you all,

Melissa Giles

Good enough 

Do you ever feel like you never good enough for someone.  Sometimes I feel that way.  Do you ever feel like you do everything to make someone happy or even yourself happy,  yet you get caught in a trap of BS.   

IT SUCKs RIGHT!? alwys questioning what the what,  what could I have done differently? Yet you know that your living the life you know trying to do more than what you know.  Yet something’s don’t make sense and you still continue to try.  Yet things are happening and yet they Are moving like a snail!  3 years 

Working on the things you need and want to work on yet…..  Still alone… One may say WHAT THE WHAT!  MORE PLEASE?!?!?! 

Come on you want or you don’t.  Quit wasting time.  
Is one who is doing or the one waiting wasting time?!?!!!!!!

We Are Only Spirits Living In our Bodies.

I am sure that all Christian’s, and one that read the Bible know that when we die we take nothing with us. This is including our bodies. Everything must stay here on earth no matter what it is. The Bible also speaks of not worshiping material things, or material items, for they stay here on earth and is a sin. The love of money is a sin for we cannot take it with us.

I ask you this, why would we not think about living in the Spirit of Jesus Christ and let him lead our lives? He is the greatest spirit of all and is calling each and everyone of us to become as one in his spirit. When we live a life that is not of a healthy spirit we are living the average life. When we come to know Christ and make our spirit as one of his spirits that is when we can start living the life that we are made to live.

I remember during the transformation of my attitude, (which is the problem in today’s world) Jesus showed me how to change my way of thinking to be of his. Constant reading of scripture and the willingness to learn his way with an open heart and a open mind. This seems complicated at first, however when reading the scripture that one is lead to each day, and that one chooses to read and apply it to everyday life that is when the moment comes when you want nothing more than to keep learning and observing what you have learned and put it into daily action.

The Bible states that we are to love one another like we love ourselves. How can we love one another when half the world doesn’t even love themselves. Half the world is still carrying all the burdens of their past instead of relying on Jesus to take them away. I lived in the past all the time. Had the what if’s and the buts, and made an excuse for everything that was wrong in my life, never willing to take responsibility and was quick to blame others for my mishaps.

What I have come to learn is that it is no ones fault other than my own of the way my life is of today and I am the only ones can change it. I could not do it alone. I had to look to Jesus and the father in heaven which included and still includes daily prayer, meditation, scripture and the willingness to continue to make the changes. Jesus is the only way. He loves us so much that when we are hurting he is hurting to, so why no live in the Spirit of Jesus?

When in doubt call on him he will come and take that burden that addiction, that thought that is keeping you stuck to be the average person. He is waiting for you to come to him with all of your troubles. Believe me he will help you in every way.

Here is a prayer I say often especially in times of distress. Father In Heaven thank you for another day, father please forgive me of all of my sinus father and thank you for all you do for me and for everyone else in this world. Father I am feeling (fill in the blank) I know you have a plan for me and this situation. Father I ask for peace understanding, patients and i leave to you (fill in the Blank) the outcome. I love you with all my heart and soul. In the. Name of Jesus Amen.

Why is the prayer powerful? It’s powerful because you are grateful for all things, we are sinners everyday, no one is perfect and the father does not expect us to be perfect. He expects us to trust in him. He expects us to solely rely on him and the understanding of this life and the power of your thoughts, feelings and actions. 

With this a being said, this is the a start to becoming the spirit of Christ so that your spirit may be healed and you can start to live the abundant life you are made to live.
Thank you,

Melissa Giles

Dont’expect something for nothing.

It seems to me in this time in life, people always want something for nothing. We expect things from our families, spouses, friends and even bosses sometimes when we are not pulling our share of life. I know that I am guilty of thinking that someone owes me for something, or blaming people in my life for not doing something I wanted to do.

There is no such thing as getting something for nothing in this world today, especially when it comes to finances and relationships. Life is rough, and most go through life just expecting things to happen with out effort.

I know in my time of being in business at a financial level I expected a lot thinking I was offering a lot because of my faith in knowing things would happen for me. As I still know things will happen and still hold the same faith, I have learned that you must work very hard to achieve the dream and or lifestyle I long for and dream about. It does not happen over night and it takes long hours of work. You have to taste what it is your going for and go for it with a full heart, consistently, joy and love for wheatever it is your trying to accomplish.

I once knew this girl who has all of these super natural powers that was known around the world. Her thought was because of this that everything would just be given to her. However as time goes on and I still speak with her she has soon realized that she must put those powers to work to spread the news of what goes on in her life before she can obtain the end goal.

From experience it is the will of the person that is searching for their destiny to create what is held not only in their mind however in their heart and must truly believe it to be true. Without that one will always want something for nothing.

So I ask you this, in what area of your life are you searching? What are you doing to obtain the long going search for your destiny and a life of freedom from self? Ask yourself, are you putting your all and going that extra mile to obtain what it is your wanting to achieve?

Think about it, and answer yourself honestly.

Melissa Giles

Repititous Habits

I saw this motivation quote. I believe it is true no matter any habbit. When I was younger I remember going to a similar about life. I know that is really broad startement. However, it’s true in all areas of life. In this seminar they said one thing that has stuck in my mind about habits. I haven’t put it to use, however has always stuck. The speaker said you always change your routine at least once or twice a week to avoid getting stuck in a habit. He expressed changing the little things like the route you take to work, or the time you eat lunch, even the little things can make a difference in forming a lifetime habbit. When we train our brain a certain way it sure is hard to retrain it to do something different.

If you stop working at a job and don’t work for a couple months, its hard to get back out there and look for a job or other means to take care of yourself, because you have formed a habbit of not working. It’s the same for everything.

With this being said why not take a bad habbit and form it into a good habbit to help you succeed in life? It is not easy and will take some work however it can be done, with self Dicipline, understanding and trust.
Have a wonderful day! 

Melissa Giles

The Sinful Sinner Needing To Be Saved

 I want to share a Journal Entry that I wrote 10/17/15. It is on the subject of The Father In Heaven and how he has helped me grow in faith. Mind you this is one of thousands of journal entry’s to the Father In Heaven. Today I have a heavy calling on my heart and the voice in my head (which is God) to write this out. I will say that you do not have to believe a word I say in this blog post. I can only speak from my experiences and up close engagement with the Father In Heaven.

At this point in my life, I was homeless and littlerly sleeping on the streets of Denver, CO. I was still going through the same Spiritual Warfare that everyone goes through every single second of every single day. I am an alcoholic. At the time of this writing I had been sober for 3 weeks. I was attending a Millionaire Master Mind conference. Yes, I know that sounds weird being homeless sleeping on the street and going to a Millionaire mind conference. However the answer is yes. A friend and I even went and held a sign asking for help to get a room at this hotel where the event was building held. The sign said We are homeless and looking for someone to get a room for us at the hotel where this  Millionaire Mastermind Conference was held, with their phone number on it.
The reaction from the public…. to me was surprising. We were out there for about one hour and a half and we took turns holding this sign. This was a spontaneous idea to do this. Prior to doing this we had walked 7 miles one way to go donate blood. It was $50 a piece if we both gave blood. Our thought was we would give blood and make the money to get a room. When we got to the place we thought it was, they did not draw the blood. It was an administration building. My best friend out there on the street was about to kill me, as I talked her into doing this with me, and now we have to walk back.  We get about 2 miles back into our trip to the shelter. We sat down to smoke a cigarette and I got this idea to create this sign. The sign was written on a torn out notebook pocket page. Needless to say we made $1 and some change. Still went to the conference. Later that night here is what I wrote:

10/15/15- Good Morning Father In Heaven, Jesus and Holy Spirit
Always thank you for everything you do for me and everyone in this world. Always thank you for your presence. Thank you for giving me the courage to do what I did yesterday by holding the sign. Lord I cannot believe the way people responded to the sign. Lord is reall that bad in this world? Do they really judge that much? Honestly I really thought it would be different. One man gave me a dollar, when I invited him to the event, he said Oh your not begging? I said no its actually going to go to a good cause. The way people looked at me was like she’s homeless and going to a millionaire event, Wow no way! I just don’t understand why they would not be like wow she wants to have something different in her life.

Lord whatever holds this weekend, I leave it to you Lord.I’m truly grateful for the things you do in my life, and everyone around us. I love you with all my heart and soul. Melissa Giles

If God is for us, who can be against us? Since he did not spare even his own son but gave him up for us all, won’t he also give us everything else? Who dare accuse us whom God has for his own. Romans 8: 31-33
10-17-15- Dear Lord In Heaven, Jesus, Holy Spirit,

Good Morning to you. I am super happy and blessed. Always grateful for your presence. To be able to feel you every morning is simply amazing and wonderful. Feels with more energy love and light. You made me the light of the world. What an honor to be the light of the world constantly having you in my presence.

You were dimming the lights at the conference yesterday, it was awesome. Today I will recognize it is you in all my thoughts and all of the imaginary work presented. I will glorify you and your name all day long. I am grateful for the way you have transforming me. I am excited about the future Pleas forgive me for letting my negative thoughts get in the way. Thank you for giving me the strength to keep going the way I am.

For your obedience has become known to all. Therefore I am glad on your behalf, but i want you to be wise in what is good, and simple concerning evil. And the God Of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen Romans 16:19-20.
I love you with all my heart and soul. Melissa Giles

My friends when we can give our hearts to our father in heaven amazing things happen including a close  personal relationship with him. He is the world and he controls everything. Hea gave his only son for us. 

I’ll ask you this. What kind of trust do you have in the Father, are you speaking to him daily, and if you are what are you asking him or praising him for? That is key.
Melissa Giles 

Do You Know The 10 Commandments?

The most important commandment is to Love thy neighbor like you love yourself. For you father has forgiven you, and loves you and me unconditionally. 

My question is this. WHY DOES EVERYONE NOT LIKE EACH OTHER? You know the saying why can’t we all just get a long. I know we all have issues, however look at our world right now. It kills me inside to see and hear the very little I see and hear. 

Look, I am not sure exactly I am going with this blog because I think which in my thinking is the father, that I must teach to help just as the father helped me.

I will say this. If you are being angry and hateful, blaming people for all your problems. This is now the time to start looking above and asking for help. He will use people just as he uses me to help others. It’s not hard my friends. It takes daily work and prayer every day, sometimes every second of everyday to keep a positive attitude to life and in all circumstance as it is us that we must influence people to do the same. Everyday this is what we should look like and be grateful. If you are trying to do something Huge in your life, you must start changing the way you view the world.

That’s all

Melissa Giles

For The Lord your father wants to renew your thinking.

I remember when The Father started changing my thought. I was a complete mess, always thinking negative, waking up mad. I had nothing good in my life nor my thoughts. At the time I was building a relation with him, as he was with me. He was very well known in my house hold and working in us. We knew it, just did not want to except it.

One of the first verses he pointed out to me was, I know the plans I have for you says the lord, the are not plans disaster nor evil. Come to me pray, tell me what you want cry to me my child and I will help you. At first instead of going to home, I kept on. I did not listen. I was running my own show, my own thoughts and was ruin my own life.

Over time things kept happening in my life that I could not explain, and every day even in the midst of my own demise spiritual things would happen. I will say that not time, not one day not one moment did he leave me or my thoughts. I started going to the Bible for having the thought that I should. He would sen me to verse after verse. As, I was praying to him all the time. Why father is this happening.

I would write in my journal pleading with him. Then I would go back in my journal and re read it, there were times if not all the time he was telling me what to do. That was I had to change my thinking. He says, do not conform your thought to the worldly thought, but come to me and I will renew your mind and change your thinking.

See my friends, everything that we think is what we bring to us. I can go on and on about how he changed my thinking and I will, however right now think about your life and what is going on in it. What is it that your doing and not doing to listen. I know in my heart that there are people out there right now that know in their hearts there is something greater than themselves calling them for something better. Calling you to a better life than what you are living. Calling to you, Come my child. Come knock I will answer. I am telling you from experience Listen My friends! It’s just a season my friends. Cry to the father in heaven he is listening and waiting for you.

Thank you father for all you do in all of our lives. Father touch the people whom read this post like you have touched and have called me. In Jesus Name.

Melissa Giles